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Privacy Policy / Information Protection

Decent Marriage Bereau will not pass on information about you or reveal your identity to any other person or organization without your consent.

This means that the details you provide us – including your address, email address and contact numbers – will remain safe on our secure servers.

No employees within Decent Marriage Bereau  – not even our customer relations team – have access to your contact details. The same is true for any photographs you may choose to upload: you decide who gets to see them. All your details are kept encrypted and kept in a separate database away from the website. Any contact we make will be discreet and we will never mail anything to your postal address.

At Decent Marriage Bereau, we understand that it is not always easy for single people – particularly females – to feel confident in registering for online matrimonial services.

We also appreciate the sensitivities about using agencies to find a suitable marriage partner, which, after all, are hardly a traditional aspect of relationship building within our culture. As a service run by Muslims for Muslims, this website understands what it is like to be Muslim, single and seeking to establish a long-term relationship through unconventional methods.

We are a modern, progressive company but we remain true to the values of our faith.  
Please be assured that no one else will receive your details unless you want them to. We will never pass on your details to any third party or other member on our service.

No one will judge or pass comment. This service exists for you and because of you - and you can rely on our discretion and confidence at every stage.

Please, do not be concerned about registering with this service or worry that you will be approached by men (or women) who you do not want to be contacted by. The key to the success of our website is its security: nobody will contact you personally unless you want them to, although you should be aware that people may contact you via the Decent Marriage Bereau message centre - not directly to your personal contact information - to see if you are interested in their profile.

Rest assured our service is strictly confident and discreet to use. Our security and data protection mean that no one will be able to access your details, which should give you complete peace of mind about the integrity of our Muslim marriage service. If you have any further questions or queries on this please feel free to email us at