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We will handle your partner selection with extreme confidentiality, professionalism but with simplification.

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Asalaamu Alaykum! Welcome to Decent Marriage Bureau

Here at Decent Marriage Bureau we use the latest technology to provide you a safe, interactive environment so that you can find your partner.

Register for free and use our Quick Search to find other Muslim singles online in your area now. Our unique online Muslim service offers unrivaled opportunities for single Muslims to meet potential marriage partners online.

Decent Marriage Bureau members can take advantage of our exclusive online service and can search an extensive, current and growing international database with the assurance of complete privacy.

Naturally, we guarantee complete privacy for our members. We provide a secure and cost ege.com members canffective Muslim matrimonial service, a safe and economical choice for your search for an ideal Muslim life partner.

Posting a profile at Decent Marriage Bureau is absolutely free and subscription allows members to contact and receive messages from an unlimited number. Our rapidly expanding, international database means that the chances of finding the right partner are second-to-none.

Be polite.

Politeness makes our dealings with others so much more rewarding (for them and for us) and leads to better communication all round. Being pleasant and respectful in your communications will also help to create a good first impression with the Single Muslim members that you contact and increase your chances of finding your ideal partner.

Respect the feelings of other members.

Be sensitive to the needs and feelings of others. When you are in contact with another member, please be aware that you are unlikely to agree on everything. Everyone has his or her own opinions. Please respect these.

Be honest.

Trust and honesty are integral to all relationships. Be honest in your communications with others. If you are asked a question that you do not feel comfortable answering, then say so. It is up to you to decide what information you want to reveal about yourself. You are in complete control.

Reply to all messages.

Even if you are not interested in the person who has sent you the message, please say so. This member has summoned the courage to contact you and it is courteous to make the effort to reply. Who knows, he or she may turn out to be more suited to you than their profile suggests!

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